Partners & Awards

Our longevity and many successes are due, in part, to the valuable partnerships we have formed with many individuals and organizations.  These partnerships have enabled a more immediate penetration and intimate engagement with the communities whose stories we tell.  A partial list of these significant production partnerships follows:

Organization                       Mandate                 WFT Production

Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare            Support for COVID-19 Nurses      Letters to Grace (2021)

CanAm Indian Friendship Cntr.        Support for 1st Nations                 Big Green Sky (2016)

Canadian Mental Health Assn.        Support for Mental Health             Letters to My Mother (2014)

Royal Canadian Legion                      Support for Veterans                      RIVETER (2012)

Bulimia Anorexia Nervosa Assn.     Support for Eating Disorders         My Little Butterball (2010)

The Downtown Mission                    Support for Homeless People       Poverty Was Not My Dream (1998)

Hiatus House                                      Support for Battered Women        Love Taps (1994)

CanAm Urban Native Homes           Support for 1st Nations                  Sisters (1992)

Canadian Automotive Workers        Support for Autoworkers                Women Working (1988)

         Another level of important partnerships includes working with other organizations in a non-performance specific manner to create respectful and healthy arts communities.  The significant partners we are currently working with include:

  •       Organization: Support for Performing Arts in Rural & Remote Communities (SPARC)

Mandate: SPARC’s mission is to connect creators, producers, presenters, and anamateurs to sustain and grow the performing arts in rural and remote communities.

Initiative: uniting non-siloed multi-disciplinary performance artists in the formation of a regional association, The Lollipop Guild.

  •       Organization: Post Productions

Mandate: Post Productions provides intimately-staged experiences that arouse the heart and fuel the mind: post-theatre, post-art, post-entertainment.

Initiative: partnership in shared multi/inter arts events.

  •       Organization: Making Waves Windsor Essex Pelee Island

Mandate: We have assembled for the purpose of broadening solidarity with one another with a specific focus of experimenting with new forms of more coordinated, progressive, grassroots, organizing and outreach to promote social justice.

Initiative: Community Arts Facilitator.

  •       Organization: MayWorks Windsor

Mandate: a celebration of labour, arts, and community.

Initiative: promoting labour and arts with productions of working women’s stories.

Awards & Grants

  • Windsor-Essex Community Foundation: Fund for Gender Equality (2023)
  • Canada Council, Touring Production Grant (2019)
  • Canadian Heritage, Arts Presentation (2016 – present), Cultural Spaces (2018)
  • Ontario Arts Council, Theatre, Arts Presentation, Multi-Inter Arts (1998, 2012, 2016 – 2019)
  • Windsor-Essex Endowment for the Arts, Arts Leadership Award (2018), Infrastructure Visual Artist (2014)
  • City of Windsor Arts, Culture, & Heritage Award (2014, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023)
  • Windsor-Walkerville Fringe Festival, Big Green Sky (2016), Most Educational Performance
  • United Communities, Community Award (2015)
  • Pelee Island Canada Day Parade, Best Overall Entry (2013, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019)
  • Theatre Ontario, Professional Artist Development (2011)
  • Bulimia Anorexia Nervosa Assn., Community Partner Award, My Little Butterball (2011)
  • Trillium Foundation (2010)
  • Windsor’s Excellence in the Arts Mayor’s Award, Outstanding Arts Organization (1995)

Stone & Sky Music & Art Series

A Stone and Sky performance

Stone & Sky creates an accessible 3 season cultural centre through live multi-disciplinary performances by professional artists and artists’ residencies.  A disused, limestone quarry amphitheatre and former landfill (a distinctive venue with magnificent acoustic properties), is our performance venue.  This venue creates an “art park” where professional artists can create and perform in a natural, matchless, and accessible setting.  The provision of professional artists act as a cultural bridge between the Island and the artistic world at large.  This is a unique project without parallel within our community, or indeed, within Canada. More information is at

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